Ensure you are insured in bushfire-prone areas

WA BAL Report are experts in conducting bushfire attack level assessments and bushfire attack level reports for those living in bushfire-prone areas. WA BAL Report urges those living in bushfire-prone areas to ensure their homes are adequately insured. Research has shown that many Australians have no or inadequate home insurance coverage to protect their assets in the event of a bushfire.

Natural hazards including bushfire rack up over $6 billion in costs in Australia each year. That figure is expected to triple in the next three decades. WA BAL Report reminds you that the risk of bushfire in Australia is particularly high. Experts are saying that Australians are ‘chronically underinsured’ and should focus on mitigating risk by planning ahead. Studies show that between 5 and 10% of homeowners do not have house insurance, and 41% of tenants do not have contents insurance.

In the event that your property is not adequately insured, you could find it difficult to recover financially from a bushfire, including being forced to rely on friends, family, welfare or charity. Experts call this ‘charity hazard’, when people rely on the expectation that government would step in and solve their problems. The government can only provide limited support just to meet your day-to-day requirements. And although many Western Australians are generous, they cannot donate enough to restore you to your original position if you lose everything, especially if the bushfires have affected many people.

WA BAL Report recommends that you ensure that you understand the level of insurance coverage that you have, and whether that extends to bushfire protection – be aware of any exclusions on the policy. In particular, ensure that your level of insurance covers your most valuable assets, including your house, contents and car and that the amount they are protected for matches their value – you may have to reassess their value fairly regularly. It is also prudent to determine the potential cost of rebuilding your house and replacing all your possessions.

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WA BAL Report are experts at conducting Bushfire Attack Level Assessments, Bushfire Attack Level Reports and bushfire prevention strategies in general in Perth and Western Australia. For more information, contact our friendly staff on 08 6114 9356 or at admin@wabalreport.com.au.

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