About the NASH standard ‘Steel Framed Construction in Bushfire areas’

WA BAL Report refers to and complies with the performance requirements for construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas. A Class 1 building or Class 10a building or deck associated with a Class 1 building that is constructed in a bushfire-prone area must, to the degree necessary, be designed and constructed to reduce the risk of ignition from bushfire, appropriate to the:

This performance requirement is satisfied if the building is constructed in accordance with either:

  • Australian Standard AS3959-2009; or
  • NASH Standard ‘Steel Framed Construction in Bushfire Areas’

WA BAL Report today discusses the NASH Standard ‘Steel Framed Construction in Bushfire Areas’. NASH stands for the National Association of Steel-framed Housing and is the industry association for light steel structural framing systems for residential and commercial construction. The NASH Standard consists of 2 solutions, one for covering properties with a bushfire attack level of BAL-12.5 to BAL-40 and another more stringent set of requirements covering properties that are BAL-Flame Zone. The BAL is determined based on a BAL Report.

The NASH Standard requirements for BAL-12.5 to BAL-40 are:

  • Roofing must be steel cladding
  • External wall cladding may be constructed from masonry, steel or non-combustible material eg. fibre cement
  • All framing must be steel and combustible items must not be used in the roof space and wall cavities
  • Doors and windows must meet the requirements of AS3959 for the appropriate BAL.

The NASH Standard requirements for BAL-Flame Zone are:

  • Roof solution requires a layer of reflective foil backed glass wool insulation blanket be installed under the roof sheeting
  • External walls may be masonry veneer or steel cladding. Where steel cladding is used, a plasterboard thermal barrier must be attached to the wall studs to provide additional protection.

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