What is AS3959?

WA BAL Report are experts in conducting bushfire attack level assessments and bushfire attack level reports. WA BAL Report complies with the Australian Standards AS3959 for construction of homes in bushfire prone areas. The current version of AS3959 was released in 2009 after the devastation of the “Black Saturday” bushfires that killed 173 people and destroyed over 2,000 homes in Victoria.

The latest update of the AS3959 brought with it major changes to the construction of homes built in areas prone to bushfires. Under the new standard, all proposed builders or landowners were required to undergo a BAL Assessment. A BAL Report was produced which established the threat of bushfire, based on the Fire Danger Index of the site, the ground slope, vegetation type and density and the intensity of fire attack, based on 6 rating levels: BAL-Low, BAL-12.5, BAL-19, BAL-29, BAL-40 and BAL-Flame Zone.

AS3959 therefore identifies the changes and test methods required to be implemented for construction to comply with the BAL Assessed levels. From 1 May 2010, AS3959 has been adopted as part of the Building Code of Australia. Copies of the AS3959 are available for purchase from a variety of sources including SAI Global at http://infostore.saiglobal.com/store/Details.aspx?ProductID=1101539&gclid=CJ62s_7juKYCFYd66wodKBR2Hg.

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WA BAL Report are experts at conducting Bushfire Attack Level Assessments, Bushfire Attack Level Reports and bushfire prevention strategies in general in Perth and Western Australia. For more information, contact our friendly staff on 08 6114 9356 or at admin@wabalreport.com.au.

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