WA starts to recover from bushfires

WA BAL Report is pleased to announce that the bushfires in Western Australia appear to have subsided, however there is still bushfire advice for areas in the Shires of Harvey and Waroona. The bushfires in south-western WA destroyed hundreds of homes. However, the Western Australian community has come together and raised $627,000 for the WA Stands Together: The Nine News Bushfire Appeal. The Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund has already raised over $4.2 million.


There has been criticism of the management of the blazes by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, particularly in relation to advice given to the residents about the dangers. This has prompted calls for an independent inquiry into the fires at Yarloop by the WA Premier Colin Barnett, who recently visited the fire-ravaged areas in Yarloop. Opposition leader Mark McGowan concurred, also lending his support for a parliamentary enquiry.


The review into the deadly bushfires will be led by former head of the Victorian Country Fire Authority, Euan Ferguson, who is widely experienced in bushfire mitigation and response. The independent inquiry will look into the response to the bushfires and also consider what lessons had been learnt from previous blazes. Fire and Emergency Services commissioner Wayne Gregson said he did not fear the inquiry because firefighters did their best. WA BAL Report hopes the inquiry emphasises the importance of undertaking a bushfire attack level assessment to ensure homes are safe from bushfires.


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