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One of the aspects taken into account by WA BAL Report in conducting a BAL Assessment Report is the vegetation at the site. Generally, vegetation is classified by type into one of seven categories. These are forest, woodland, shrubland, scrub, mallee/mulga, rainforest and grassland. Different types of vegetation have different properties that affect their reaction to bushfires.

Where there is more than one vegetation type at a site, each type is classified separately with the worst case scenario. It is not necessarily the case that the predominant vegetation is determined as the worst case scenario. Furthermore, classification of vegetation is not based solely on the edge of the vegetation, which may be invaded by weeds.

The Bushfire Attack Level must be classified BAL Low where the vegetation is one or a combination of any of the following:

  • Vegetation of any type that is more than 100 metres from the site;
  • Single areas of vegetation less than 1 hectare in area and not within 100 metres of other areas of vegetation being classified;
  • Multiple areas of vegetation less than 0.25 hectares in area and not within 20 metres of the site, or each other;
  • Strips of vegetation less than 20 metres in width (measured perpendicular to the elevation exposed to the strip of vegetation) regardless of length and not within 20 metres of the site or each other, or other areas of vegetation being classified;
  • Non-vegetated areas, including waterways, roads, footpaths, buildings and rocky outcrops; or
  • Low threat vegetation, including grassland managed in a minimal fuel condition (meaning there is insufficient fuel available to significantly increase the severity of the bushfire attack), maintained lawns, golf courses, maintained public reserves and parklands, vineyards, orchards, cultivated gardens, commercial nurseries, nature strips and windbreaks.

These exclusions are important because they mean that the BAL Level is automatically attributed as BAL Low in the event any of the vegetation exclusions above apply.

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