WA BAL Report prompts homeowners to brace themselves as the bushfire season has struck the country hard this year, with bushfires gripping Victoria and Western Australia over the Christmas and new year period.

Residents had to be evacuated on Christmas Day from the Victorian towns of Wye River, Separation Creek, Kennett River, Lorne and Grey River, as an out of control bushfire tore through homes. The 1,300 hectare bushfire claimed as many as 100 homes in the area and is predicted to continue blazing through the summer. The Insurance Council of Australia has estimated that the losses from the fire could top $50 million.

Meanwhile, the residents of Wye River have vowed to rebuild, even as the fire threat could return. Although there is an ever-present risk, living at the foot of the heavily treed Otway Ranges, it is a risk many are willing to take.

Former Victorian premier Steve Bracks, whose holiday house in Wye River narrowly avoided destruction, echoed the sentiments of those who wanted to rebuild. “It’s a haven for lots of us and I know people will be very keen to re-establish,” he said. When asked if it was safe to rebuild, he said “you understand the risk and you take those risks. So long as you accept that and you have plans on what to do in case of fire, I think that’s sensible”.

WA BAL Report reminds residents of bushfire-prone areas of the risks of living in those areas and the importance of protecting their homes from bushfires this summer. Residents should have a bushfire attack level assessment report conducted to determine their risk levels in the event of bushfires.

In Western Australia, lives and homes are also under threat from two out-of-control bushfires burning in the Southwest regions of Donnybrook and Greenbushes. Volunteer and career firefighters were forced to work through the night to contain the bushfires, which have already burnt through 110 hectares. As a result of the bushfires and the high temperatures in the region, a total fire ban has been declared for parts of the Metropolitan, Midwest Gascoyne, Goldfields Midlands and Great Southern regions. Failure to abide by a total fire ban can result in penalties of up to $25,000 or 12 months’ jail.

The team at WA BAL Report hope the firefighter crews are able to control and contain these bushfires as soon as possible and avoid any further property damage or loss of life.

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