Deadly bushfires cost insurers millions

WA BAL Report reports that the cost of 4 catastrophes that occurred in Australia over summer have cost insurance agencies more than half a billion dollars, according to the Insurance Council of Australia. There were 3 bushfires in South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia, as well as a tornado in New South Wales, racking up a total damage bill of over $550 million. Despite that, it could have been worse, because insurance losses from natural disasters in the past have ramped up to well over 3 or 4 billion dollars in the past couple of years.

The Pinery bushfires in mid-north South Australia in November 2015 resulted in losses of more than $170 million. 2 people lost their lives and 91 homes were destroyed or damaged.

The Christmas bushfires at Wye River and Separation Creek in Victoria, which damaged or destroyed 235 homes, left a total repair bill of $110 million. Work is still underway to clean up the damage, and the remoteness and extremely steep terrain adds to the challenge of not only cleaning up but also getting construction materials and resources into the area.

The Yarloop fires in Western Australia have resulted in $71 million damage. The bushfire was started by lightning and burned for 17 days in January 2016, claiming 2 lives. Over 180 properties were lost and the small community was wiped off the map.

WA BAL Report stresses the importance of ensuring that your home is properly protected from bushfire attack risk by having a bushfire attack level assessment report conducted of your property. Although bushfires are unavoidable, you can increase your chances of survival and saving your home by adequately protecting your property.

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